Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Welcome to C2 Ways

Welcome visitor! My name is Sergey Seroukhov. For almost 20 years I’ve been designing and developing computerized management systems. In 1997 I earned my master degree in System Engineering and, since 2005, I have worked as a Product Line Architect with Modular Mining Systems. I carry out responsibilities over the development of all real-time management systems created by the company.

Throughout all those years I experienced a lack of solid theoretical foundation in my professional area. It did exist but it mostly applied to only low-level control systems. Having to deal with this lack, it became my dream to automate entire organizations, run by humans, robots, and AI, as simple as today’s SCADA systems. Unfortunately, it is not quite possible.

The development and integration of higher-level management systems today is a big mess. It is complex and expensive. Every company, every product manager, and every architect or developer has to proceed upon their own understanding, reinventing wheels over and over again. That work is still more art than science.

In 2007 I started my own theoretical research. Several people from universities and industries joined me in that work. Our studies included Systems Theory, Control Theory, Organizational Management, and many others. After four years we were able to put together a conceptual framework, which combines several principles, models, and methodologies to guide the analysis, design, and integration of management automation systems. Because several key concepts of our research came from Battlefield Command & Control, we named our work Command & Control (or just “C2”). Also, since goals are a key in management automation, an alternative name to C2 is Goal-Oriented Management Automation (GOMA).

Today, I am starting a blog to share my thoughts about the current practices and future of management automation and the research I’ve done on it. If you are building or integrating management systems, if you are a scientist or practitioner, then this blog may interest and assist you. It is also my hope that this blog will not be just a one-way communication, but will instead be a true dialogue with those who have to deal with similar problems.

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